5 08, 2019

Hurricane Seasons Pick Up Steam In September


September Hurricanes The Atlantic Hurricane Season peaks between August and October, which places September right in the middle, and it is the one with an exceptional amount of activity. In fact, the Peak Day of the Atlantic Hurricane Season falls in September, on the 10th day. So, why September? [...]

Hurricane Seasons Pick Up Steam In September2019-07-30T13:27:08-05:00
28 06, 2019

Hurricane Season Forecast And The Tree Care Industry


From "Slightly Below-Normal" to "Near-Average" The Colorado State University Department of Atmospheric Science has maintained their forecast for the 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season, as "near-average." Sea surface temperatures are at near-average and the odds of a weak El Niño during the peak months have "diminished slightly." Recap The first [...]

Hurricane Season Forecast And The Tree Care Industry2019-07-10T10:07:39-05:00
6 05, 2019

Storm Response Preparedness


Storm Response Safety Measures As if safety and awareness weren’t already extremely important, it is even more so during emergency storm response. Why? Because the stakes are high and there are significantly more factors to weigh than usual. Your crews are working in unfamiliar territory, possibly removing uncommon tree [...]

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1 03, 2019

Gloves: To Wear Or Not To Wear


The Question Gloves. Technically they are PPE, but should they be a universal requirement for arboriculture operations – like it is for head, ear, and eye protection? Our Take Timber Warriors’ Safety Director says “YES,” gloves should always be worn; but some say there is not always a need. [...]

Gloves: To Wear Or Not To Wear2019-04-25T18:55:47-05:00
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