What We Do

Timber Warriors provides insurance companies, municipalities, and government agencies with thousands of safe and knowledgeable first responders to all tree-related emergencies across the United States.

We specialize in delivering comprehensive emergency tree services, including tree removal, temporary roof tarp, and board up, in the wake of severe weather events or daily occurrences where an insurance claim is involved or is otherwise deemed an emergency.

Our Story

Our President/CEO comes from an arboriculture background. He is a second-generation arborist; he understands arboriculture, what it means to be a small business owner, and how difficult it can be to lock in those available insurance jobs.

That’s where the idea for Timber Warriors began to form.

Once we dove deeper into the insurance industry, we developed a greater understanding of adjusters’ needs. More importantly, we discovered how unfamiliar many are with the tree care industry. We found that many insurance adjusters fall for fraudulent contractors, take on additional work because they are continuously onboarding new contractors, and are unable to execute their processes in their preferred time and manner.

Homeowners have obstructions as well. Oftentimes homeowners do not know either of the industries well enough to select the proper contractor, or to ensure the services being rendered are within policy limits.

Those are the three main sectors that must work cohesively with one another; yet they cannot because of a few critical missing pieces.

And that is Timber Warriors’ purpose; to, in short, be the missing piece for arborists, adjusters, and homeowners across the U.S.

Trained Arborists

Not only are the tree care companies in our Member Network licensed and certified to perform tree services, but they are masters of the trade – scholars of arboriculture, accredited and certified in the renowned industry associations: Tree Care Industry Association and International Society of Arboriculture.

Furthermore, we train our Members on how to work insurance jobs, ensuring that services performed are within policy limits and to the satisfaction of our insurance agencies.



As a Member, we'll notify you when emergency or storm jobs are in your area. We'll also coordinate with the insurance agency when it comes to the scope of work and payment, so you don't have to do any convincing, waiting, or worrying.



We'll help close your tree claims quickly and quietly. We choose one of our Members - who are licensed, certified, and masters of the trade - to start on the job ASAP. You'll receive real-time updates every step of the way, giving you peace of mind.



We'll be your first step towards getting your property repaired, by providing safe and quick tree removal, roof tarp, and board up services. We'll assure that the tree crew is properly equipped for the job and that services are done within your policy limits.

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We’ll remove the hazardous tree and temporarily protect your home from the elements.

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