When a tree falls on your home the worst part might not be the damage. Instead, the worst part could be sorting your way through your insurance coverage.

You make endless phone calls trying to understand what you have to pay and what you don’t. In the meantime, it feels like they’re passing the phone around and giving you vague answers.

Read through this short article to learn what you’re most likely covered for.

Does Homeowners Insurance Covers Tree Damage?

In most cases, homeowners insurance will cover things like your home, other structures on the property, and personal belongings. It’s also possible that your insurance covers tree removal or fallen branch removal services.

For minimal damage, it’s best to get a quote from your insurance provider before filing a claim. This is because your deductible could cost more than the repairs.

If the damage is severe, contact your provider as soon as you can. Next, contact a emergency tree service provider. Make sure to take photos and document the damage to the best of your abilities.

When There’s No Damage

Sometimes, trees fall and do little to no damage. No cars or houses receive damage. However, there is still the problem of a tree blocking your property. Does your insurance cover removal?

Homeowners insurance could cover removal costs if the tree fell as a result of certain limited perils.

What Scenarios aren’t Covered by Homeowners Insurance Cover?

There are countless scenarios involving fallen trees where you’re financially responsible. Many of these may or may not be covered by your homeowners insurance.

When a Tree Removal Company is at Fault

Once a tree is rotting, it’s natural to hire a tree removal company to remove it before it causes any damage. What if the company you hire causes damage while removing the decaying tree?

First, you should do your research before hiring any fallen tree removal company. Make sure that they’re covered in the case of an accident. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

In most cases, a qualified tree removal company will have its own coverage that will cover incidents and damages.

When a Neighbor’s Tree Falls on Your Property

This is a little tricky. If you can prove that it meets certain requirements, or if damage harms your home or personal property, you’re covered.

In this scenario, there is only one case where your insurance company isn’t responsible. That is in the case of clear neglect. For example, your neighbor’s tree is rotting and they know about it, but do nothing to fix it.

Get Rotting Trees Removed Today!

Make sure that you have full coverage for any of these common scenarios. It’s better to have extra coverage than not enough.

If a tree falls on a structure, Timber Warriors can help you. We work with homeowners and their insurance carriers. Don’t wait too long after tragedy strikes to solve the problem. Contact us now for more information.