Benefits of Joining A Tree Care Vendor Network


Tree care professionals that are part of a Tree Care Vendor Network do not have to worry about wasting time and resources to research, learn, and convince the insurance industry, or any of the actions that must take place before a job can be assigned.

Trees need care. Some require healthcare, some removal, and some just a trim. And when those services are needed, a tree care professional such as yourself is called. But sometimes trees fall on a structure, causing destruction and an open insurance claim. In these instances, an insurance company’s preferred vendor is called instead.

One way to work storm/insurance claim jobs, and likely the easiest way, is to join a network like Timber Warriors, who have jobs waiting for arborists to accept. Companies in a Tree Care Vendor Network:

Do Not Waste Time and Resources on Insurance Industry Development and Demands

It takes one person – then eventually a team – to solely work on building and maintaining relationships with insurance carriers and their adjusters, as well as to research, acquire, and obtain all necessary documentation, licensing, etc. required.

This is another piece of the puzzle you won’t have to worry about; you can save your staff for the field.

Forget About Learning The Language of The Insurance Industry

Not only is the insurance industry wildly different from the arboriculture industry, but it speaks a different language (and sometimes carriers have their own dialect). Learn a new language if it interests you, but do not agonize over learning the insurance industry language.

Do Not Worry About Convincing The Insurance Industry

Discussing the importance of equipment and equipment variety on jobs, as well as necessary rates, with the insurance industry can be a job in and of itself. Thankfully, that part is done for you.

Each day insurance carriers are learning more and more about the arboriculture industry and what it takes for the job to be completed quickly and safely.

Skip The ‘Pre-Job Assignment’ Shenanigans

You won’t have to fidget with any of the insurance carriers’ documents, contracts, or databases. A lot happens before an emergency tree event becomes a tree job. You jump in on the part you know best.

Receive Job Notifications, Instantly

You will receive a notification of the job(s) that are in your area. If you choose to, you will also receive updates on larger mobilizations, like to a storm-hit area.

Timber Warriors has successfully validated important aspects of the tree care industry to insurance professionals, has a working relationship with most U.S. insurance companies, receives direct payment from most of the partnered companies, and speaks the language of both the insurance and arboriculture industries to assure cohesiveness and efficiency.

In addition, there is no fee to join the Timber Warriors Network, nor is there a penalty for declining a job offer.

Visit us online to learn more, Join Our Network, or to contact us.

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