September Hurricanes

The Atlantic Hurricane Season peaks between August and October, which places September right in the middle, and it is the one with an exceptional amount of activity. In fact, the Peak Day of the Atlantic Hurricane Season falls in September, on the 10th day.

So, why September? Well, two of the most noteworthy factors is wind shear and warm waters. As summer goes on, the variation of wind’s speed and direction weakens; and, water temperature rises. Not to mention, air temperatures are high, and moisture is in the atmosphere. Together, these create the perfect environment for strong, gusty storms.

Case in point: In 2018, 46% of the year’s named storms were alive in September. And two were making noise on September 10 – hurricanes Helene and Isaac.


The season is here, but are you prepared for September? It’s not too late to secure your home; and it’s not too late to join Timber Warriors so you can work storm jobs, helping communities in need.

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