Storm Response Safety Measures


As if safety and awareness weren’t already extremely important, it is even more so during emergency storm response. Why? Because the stakes are high and there are significantly more factors to weigh than usual. Your crews are working in unfamiliar territory, possibly removing uncommon tree species, maneuvering around any inaccessible areas, and likely working in unfamiliar or unpredictable weather patterns.

Joining Timber Warriors in our mobilization to storm-hit areas is a big task, so preparedness is just as critical as expertise.

We want to remind Timber Warriors Members of these critical steps:

  1. Make sure to bring many tools; do not just bring what you think will be needed. With that, make sure all tools are operating properly and any extra parts are accompanied. Bring extra PPE with you, you will not be able to find it in storm-hit areas. Also, bring extra tarps with you. There will be a shortage of fuel as you zone in on your destination. Bring additional fuel and avoid the high-costs, difficulties, and frequencies that come with filling up in storm-hit areas.
  2. Prepare for any type of weather condition to appear at any point during your mobilization and work. With that, have a plan (and adjust as needed) for what to do and where to go if the weather gets out of hand.
  3. Have plans (and adjust as needed) for resting, eating, and hydrating. These three things play a huge role in your performance and stamina – which you will be dependent on. Also, have more than just one arrangement to get plenty of each of the three.
  4. Have plans (and adjust as needed) for how to communicate with crew members, other crews in the area, family, and the home office in case communication becomes lost.
  5. All crew members, as well as other crews in the area, and your home office must know the address or GPS location of the site(s) you are at or driving to. This should be updated as you move from one place to the next. Many times, only one of the crew members has knowledge of an exact location; this is not recommended. As you enter new areas and are switching from one job site to the next, locate three things: the nearest hospital, nearest place to take shelter for each storm possible, and nearest place to make contact with someone if your communication methods become inaccessible.
  6. If a city or municipality requires a specific license, promptly contact the Timber Warriors office so we can quickly apply, pay for, and obtain that license for you.

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