What A Year It Has Been

Devastation comes in many shapes and sizes, but it would be remiss if we did not point out how much turmoil wildfires have caused this year for families and communities across the globe.

The Whole Picture

So, just how much of the world has been on fire, (unprecedentedly)? Here are the most notable:

In addition to numerous evacuations across the country, British Columbia declared a state of emergency – their first in 14 years.

Last year the country saw a record number of wildfires, but the year 2018 is not yet out of the running. So far Chile has seen approximately 2,500 wildfires.

Finland (Lapland):
One of four regions inside the Arctic Circle that is on fire. Finland is extinguishing several fires – some at the Russia and Sweden borders.

Athens is battling the worst wildfires they have seen in more than a decade, and to describe the repercussions of the fast-moving flames as a tragedy, would be an understatement.

Wildfires have hit large stretches of southern Italy (Naples and parts of Sicily); Rome is threatened to be next.

South Africa:
A place that is more familiar with wildfires is also experiencing extraordinary fire events, as the country is showing signs of a longer and more intense fire season.

Unaccustomed to wildfires, the country requested assistance from surrounding nations to help combat approximately 61,800 acres of wildfires.

Mostly, fires have consumed parts of the Far East. Siberia’s fires were most recognized for their massive amounts of smoke. Later, NASA pointed out that smoke could be seen in parts of the U.S.

The U.S. is not the only victim of large, untamed flames. Canada, Chile, Finland, Greece, Italy, South Africa, Sweden, Russia – they too are victims. Of course, the cause of each fire will vary from one another – some preventable, some not so much – and each fire will vary in levels of threat and destruction.

Zooming In On Our Homeland

Extreme dry and hot weather conditions play the greatest role, but for some, the fuel to these fires is overshadowed; which is a scenario that best describes the wildfires in the Western U.S. Warm temperatures, low humidity and lots of dry, dead vegetation is a disaster waiting to happen – literally.

So, what does Timber Warriors have to do with wildfires? Timber Warriors specializes in tree-related emergencies, which is compatible with the wildfire situation in California as we know it. The weather cannot be controlled; what can be, however, is how much fuel will be readily available to one untamed flame.

California needs help, and that’s where Timber Warriors comes in.

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