Great Strides

The Timber Warriors Tree Mortality Task Force has made great strides since January, when Timber Warriors announced it would be vying to contain California’s wildfires by specifically addressing the state’s tree mortality.

Timber Warriors is routinely communicating with and meeting California state, county, and local officials, as well as representatives from CAL Fire, utilities, and state transportation. Timber Warriors will continue to participate in the meetings held by Forest Management Task Force (previously known as Tree Mortality Task Force), which has played a significant role in Timber Warriors’ progression.

Last month Timber Warriors asked all remaining, interested Members to officially submit their interest by June 30, which was an indicator that Timber Warriors is narrowing in on mobilizing to California.

For more about Timber Warriors’ efforts, or for information on how you can help, contact the Timber Warriors Tree Mortality Task Force at 844-999-9246.

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