Doing Storm Response With Timber Warriors


What To Expect During Mobilization And Response

As we said before, in part one, being a Member of Timber Warriors means there is no guessing when it comes to working and communicating with insurance companies. We want to be sure we eliminate any guess work when it comes to storm response and mobilization as well.

Here is what you need to know:


  1. Notification Sent: After a storm has hit – or completed it’s initial course – we will send an email (example here), notifying you of the news and giving yet another opportunity to give your availability. Keep in mind, if you still need to generate and upload your up-to-date documents, you could experience a longer wait until your first assigned job. {This is why we encourage Members to send us these documents the moment an updated one is generated.}
  2. Assignment Begins: As soon as the first notice of an emergency tree job comes into our office, we begin assigning to the Mobilizing Members who have the earliest availability.
  3. Information Update: Thanks to the Timber Warriors Member App, you will know your crew has been assigned a job. Also in the app, you will see the scope of work or explanation of the emergency. Also, specific instructions on the services that should be provided, per the insurance company’s request.
  4. Work Begins: Open the app upon arrival in order to clock in to the job. Next, you will take 10 before photos and add any additional information to the description of the job.
  5. Assignment Continues: As you are working, we are assigning you jobs, trying our best to create a sensible route while keeping level of emergency in mind.
  6. Work Continues: Once you have completed the job, and the remaining prompts within the app, you may clock out. Then you can start to head towards the next job on your list.


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This is a two-part series. Read part one: "What To Expect Ahead Of Storm Response."