Doing Storm Response With Timber Warriors


What To Expect Leading Up To Mobilization And Response

Being a Timber Warriors Member during storm response means working insurance-claim jobs without the fuss of dealing with insurance adjusters, negotiating rates – back and forth, back and forth. So, essentially, a lot less work on the tree care company’s plate.

Still, there are some things to know; and here is that list:


  1. Respond with your earliest availability and crew and equipment information. Before each predicted storm event, we email Members a Storm Alert (example here) – which contains preliminary information, as well as the opportunity for you to send in your earliest availability and crew and equipment information.
  2. Submit updated business insurances and licenses. We encourage Members to get in the habit of sending us these documents the moment an updated one is generated. At the very least, up-to-date documents are required near the time you give your availability and interest; you cannot mobilize until  submitted.
  3. Download the Timber Warriors Member App if you have not already. We will assign jobs and give job descriptions via the app. Also in the app you will clock in and out, upload photos, and confirm job descriptions. We encourage our Members to have the app and login information prior to a storm occurring, if possible.
  4. Receive per man, per hour pricing information. Upon completion of steps 1-3, we will asses which payment bracket your crew will be in during the storm response. We need those up-to-date documents, information about crew and equipment, as well as a signed Storm Agreement and Non-Disclosure Agreement before we can calculate, and share with you, the rate.
  5. Monitor Timber Warriors’ social media and email communication for important information. In the final step, we suggest keeping a close eye on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, as well as the Member-wide emails, for details about the incoming storm and timeline of mobilization.


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