Door Knockers

Last month Timber Warriors responded to the mess a ‘door knocker’ left behind. The impostors felled a tree onto a home. Shortly after, Timber Warriors came in to relieve the homeowner of the disastrous situation.

The sad truths: this was not Timber Warriors’ first time cleaning up a ‘door knocker’s’ mess, and ‘door knockers’ are way more common than homeowners think.

Tree Crews

You can help put an end to the ‘door knocker’ reign.

  • Be safe, correct, and professional – always. This way homeowners know what is unsafe, incorrect, and unprofessional when they see it.

  • Make habit of showing arboriculture-related identifications and licenses while out bidding. This way homeowners will become accustomed to this and expect it in the future.

  • Talk with your city officials; help them to understand the importance of having licensed-only crews working within city limits.


There are signs that suggest you may be in the presence of a ‘door knocker’.

  • If an estimate total is low and lacks detail, that could be a red flag. It is recommended that homeowners get estimates from three companies to help confirm or deny the presence of an impostor.

  • The ‘crew’ says they are certified, licensed, and insured, but do not have the proof to back it up.

  • The ‘crew’ asks for cash, payment up front, or for the check to be made out to an individual.

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