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When it comes to choosing a tree cutting service, ensure that you select the best ones that cater to any area in the United States. Our tree removal crews are based all over the United States, which means we can come to your rescue anywhere in the 49 states we serve.

And if you live in the Sacramento area, you can count on our Sacramento arborists and tree experts will be there as fast as they can. Unlike other tree services, we work cohesively with insurance adjusters, arborists, and homeowners to ensure safe and proper emergency tree removal without causing additional damage. Because we work with insurance companies, we know how to work in a situation where the tree has fallen on your home and an insurance claim is involved. 

Furthermore, our Members are experts with in-depth knowledge on how to deal with the biggest of tree jobs – safely and efficiently. Our tree service crews rely on tried-and-tested methods, high-tech technologies, advanced tools and equipment.


Should you ever have the misfortune of having to deal with insurance claims to deal with a tree removal Sacramento property due to a fallen tree, we at Timber Warriors can lend a helping hand and expedite the process. We have extensive experience dealing with insurance adjusters when it comes to property damages related to fallen branches or trees. Our Members are licensed, vetted, and insured by the Tree Care Industry Association and the International Society of Arboriculture. 

Should a customer or an insurance adjuster contact us to deal with tree removal service Sacramento, we at Timber Warriors will do everything we fix the problem. We will send a team of arborists to your property to get rid of the tree or fallen branches. We will also protect and secure the structure by putting up a roof tarp when necessary to prevent further damage.

As seen above, our services are one of a kind and using our seamless experience we can turn out to be your guardian angel.  We will offer our services as quick as possible and enable you get back to your normal daily schedule.



As your tree care vendor, the moment we receive information on your tree damage claim, we will immediately get a hold of our Member near you to begin on services approved and/or covered by your insurance company. We will begin by asking basic information such as the nature and extent of the tree damage. We might also ask you to provide photos if necessary so we can inform our team and craft a plan based on safety, policy limits, and access to the area.

Upon our arrival on site, we will begin by taking further pictures of the site to determine if the job needs additional equipment and crew to complete it safely and efficiently. Should we need to bring in more people, equipment, or protection, our staff will immediately inform you as well as your adjuster.

Work begins by removing debris to make assessment and repair. We will work closely with your insurance carrier from start to finish, but it is  important that you understand your policy limits and get in touch with your adjuster should you have any questions about the coverage of your insurance.


After completing the job, we will provide you with an electronic form for you to sign; this is to ensure that you are satisfied with the services rendered.

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We take customer service seriously. We believe that in order for Timber Warriors to be successful, our customers must have trust in our services and staff. This is why all our Members are fully vetted, insured, and licensed by leading industry associations in order to provide services to all Sacramento residents. We also put in the time and effort to ensure that our Members are trained properly in order to give the best possible service to all our customers. So what are you waiting for? Call us now and leave your tree concerns to us!




As a Member, we'll notify you when emergency or storm jobs are in your area. We'll also coordinate with the insurance agency when it comes to the scope of work and payment, so you don't have to do any convincing, waiting, or worrying.


Insurance Adjusters


We'll help close your tree claims quickly and quietly. We choose one of our Members - who are licensed, certified, and masters of the trade - to start on the job ASAP. You'll receive real-time updates every step of the way, giving you peace of mind.




We'll be your first step towards getting your property repaired, by providing safe and quick tree removal, roof tarp, and board up services. We'll assure that the tree crew is properly equipped for the job and that services are done within your policy limits.

What Our Clients Think

“Every touch point with Timber Warriors was frictionless with outstanding personnel,
dedicated to professionalism and customer experience. I was especially impressed
by the crew’s speed and professionalism.”
Gordon, North Carolina

They were fast, efficient, and courteous.

Lawrence, Missouri

“Thank you all so very much. You all were so nice when it was most needed.”

Betty, Florida

“They were great and did a wonderful job within [policy] limits.”

Lucy, Florida
“Thank you so much! Hurricane Harvey left a giant tree on both ours and our
neighbors house. My insurance contacted you for us while we were still evacuated
and y’all took care of it for us. You can’t imagine how wonderful it was to have one
less thing to worry about with everything else going on. Thank you again!”
Shawna, Texas
“Lauren and the entire crew at Timber Warriors are amazing and absolutely the best
to deal with!”
Brandon W., Virginia, arborist
“Timber Warriors is a great company to do business with. They do great work. I
would recommend them to anyone.”
Joseph W., Georgia, arborist

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