How It Started

Last month Timber Warriors’ Safety Director, RJ Runyon, visited Heavy Equipment Colleges of America (HEC) in Oklahoma City to meet with students enrolled in the 3-week crane training program, and HEC instructors.

HEC invited Timber Warriors to speak about the use of cranes in the arboriculture industry, specifically, as well as the obstacles arborists face in their search for continuous safety regulations. For instance, to date, OSHA does not require tree care workers to be certified in order to operate a crane as long as the individual meets some guidelines.

As a result of Timber Warriors’ visit, HEC announced they will add arboriculture topics and regulations to their 3-week program.

Helping Members Find Employees

Since meeting with Heavy Equipment Colleges of America, Timber Warriors has discussed creating a (virtual) place where Timber Warriors Members can go to review and hire HEC graduates. Timber Warriors will spend its first quarter conducting more research, and evaluating the possible strategies and database platforms.

We want to hear from our Members. If you have any recommendations on what features we should include in a database, let us know.

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