Arborists And Timber Warriors

Arborists are professionals in the practice of arboriculture (the cultivation, management, and study of trees). We recruit, train, and dispatch certified arborists to your home to quickly and safely remove the fallen tree as stated within your insurance policy limits. Typically, this could mean “removal to the stump.”

In many cases, arborists aren’t familiar with the insurance industry, its jargon, or the parameters for working within a claim’s scope of work.

That’s where we come in.

We are knowledgeable about insurance property claims and know what is expected of an insurance vendor/contractor (that’s us). We also come from a background in arboriculture; our President/CEO once owned a local tree care company.

It is important to us that we keep up with current standards in the insurance and arboriculture industry. But, it is just as important that we remain efficient and reliable.

For those reasons, we frequently attend industry trade shows and other educational events. So, you know you’ll be getting information that you can trust.

arborist using crane to remove tree