End of One Season, Rise of Another

As tree care experts, we know that just because the Atlantic Hurricane Season is over does not mean there will be a shortage of emergency tree jobs. During the winter season, we will still have severe weather across the U.S., and we will still have neglected, unhealthy trees fall.

In March 2018, four nor’easters affected the East Coast; there were 636 tree jobs available for Members that month alone. The work is there; it just needs to be found – or at least easily obtained. (Read this blog post for more information about the benefits of joining a tree care network).

And it’s still early – so far, only a few snowstorms have rolled through, and the first significant Northeast winter storm, Ezekiel, is expected to arrive this week.

So hang in there, arborists!

In the meantime, the cold months are a great time for companies to dive deeper into continuing their education, attend networking and education events, refine some of their internal processes, and try new things.

Winter Tree Work

If you want to be notified of additional tree jobs in your area this winter season, visit the arborist page to learn more about how you can involve yourself with the nation’s leading tree and tarp network.

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