Questions Frequently Asked By Insurance Adjusters

Besides a quick response with an experienced, certified, and trustworthy crew, and helping you to close your claim quickly and accurately, we provide a Xactimate invoice with 10 before photographs, and 10 after photographs. We will also send an authorization to pay Timber Warriors direct, signed by the homeowner.

We provide insurance companies, municipalities, and government agencies with comprehensive, emergency tree-related services in 49 states.

We know that Xactimate does not appropriately define the scope of work for tree removal. So, that alone will seriously cut into your time. We come from an arboriculture background; we truly understand the terminology, demands, and costs – which means we know when someone is yanking your chain.

Most importantly, most tree care companies aren’t familiar with tree claims. They do not understand what services need to be done only to close a claim. But we understand; which means our Members do too.

If a claim is received through XactAnaylsis, CAN, DPLS and/or other TPA site, we will submit the claim through the appropriate portal. If a claim is received direct from the carrier, we will email the Xactimate Estimate directly to the adjuster or the requested email.

If you have a claim, you can submit it to us through our secure online form. Or, you can contact us anytime at 844-999-9246.