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Are you constantly worried about that decades-old tree in your front yard? Have the roots weakened and the branches damaged? Is the tree unusually leaning toward your home? Whether the tree has been caused by weather elements or due to old age, it’s vital to act before it poses safety hazards on inhabitants.

We know how selecting an emergency tree removal service can be a tedious process. Most of the emergency tree service Denver companies do offer the same services. However, for homeowners wanting to claim insurance from tree damages or need emergency tree removal services, there is only one emergency tree service Denver-based company you can trust;and that is Timber Warriors.

Timber Warriors isn’t your ordinary tree emergency service company. We have a collection of professionals who are licensed by the TCIA, have signed on to e Members of ours, and respond to your tree service needs.

When you are a victim of a tree damage, you can be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Your adjuster will contact a worthy tree care vendor – like Timber Warriors. Timber Warriors will be able to quickly get to work and relieve you from the damages incurred.



After you search for “tree removal company near me” on Google, don’t fall prey to companies on search engines’ first pages. Tree removal should only be handled by certified experts for safety, precision, and accuracy.

Choosing us to quickly and safely respond to your tree-related emergencies using local tree crews, means years of arboriculture background at an affordable price. We work hand in hand with our clients. But we also make sure to value their time more than anything.

One of our unique benefits is the one-point-of-contact process. Through this process, one expert is assigned per project to make sure that the line of communication is clear and transparent.

Timber Warriors also utilizes modern communication through the use of a user-friendly application. This is where our clients can communicate, send, and read updates. But what makes Timber Warriors unique?

Trees provide a number of benefits – such as shade and beauty.. But, you should be ready when there is a tree emergency. You will need worthy tree service company to intervene in this case and control the situation, all while working with your insurance company and open tree claim.



We believe that nurturing relationships is the main ingredient for a company to succeed. At Timber Warriors, we help insurance adjusters and take a huge load off your shoulders. By working with us, we can handle all tree insurance claims with a breeze.

While other tree removal service companies don’t have a clue on how the insurance industry works, we do. We are a team of professionals who know the ins and outs of closing claims. Therefore, we can deploy tree crews for a fast processing of your tree claims

As insurance adjusters, you’ll rest knowing that while you work on multiple claims from several homeowners, you can pass on a huge responsibility to Timber Warriors. Trust us with your tree needs and we’ll do the rest. Our 20 Point Audit System is another unique feature that positively impacts claims management.

We also have nationwide coverage which allows us to respond anywhere in the United States within five hours or less. Plus, we are equipped with the latest technology which also allows you to close claims quickly. 

We increase our scope in relieving those affected with tree emergencies by working hand in hand with insurance adjusters. This places us in a better position to work with more people who are affected with the emergencies such as a tree falling over their home or other covered property


We have a rich network that enables us to work with our affiliates that are strategically and conveniently located throughout the country. Which means you are not waiting long for a response to an open tree claim 

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If you are a licensed arborist, come join our network. Timber Warriors is touted as one of the largest networks of arborists in the United States. Our Members are truly happy with us as they get all these benefits: 

  •   No job rotations, no biddings, no penalties, arborists within 35 miles and those who respond first get the job
  •   Mobilization fees during storm events
  •   Hotel and housing accommodation information when traveling during storm events
  •   Media publicity
  •   Discounts on tree-related industry courses
  •   Discounts on equipment rental
  •   Discounts on equipment purchases from our partner stores
  •   Annual awards





As a Member, we'll notify you when emergency or storm jobs are in your area. We'll also coordinate with the insurance agency when it comes to the scope of work and payment, so you don't have to do any convincing, waiting, or worrying.


Insurance Adjusters


We'll help close your tree claims quickly and quietly. We choose one of our Members - who are licensed, certified, and masters of the trade - to start on the job ASAP. You'll receive real-time updates every step of the way, giving you peace of mind.




We'll be your first step towards getting your property repaired, by providing safe and quick tree removal, roof tarp, and board up services. We'll assure that the tree crew is properly equipped for the job and that services are done within your policy limits.

What Our Clients Think

“Every touch point with Timber Warriors was frictionless with outstanding personnel,
dedicated to professionalism and customer experience. I was especially impressed
by the crew’s speed and professionalism.”
Gordon, North Carolina

They were fast, efficient, and courteous.

Lawrence, Missouri

“Thank you all so very much. You all were so nice when it was most needed.”

Betty, Florida

“They were great and did a wonderful job within [policy] limits.”

Lucy, Florida
“Thank you so much! Hurricane Harvey left a giant tree on both ours and our
neighbors house. My insurance contacted you for us while we were still evacuated
and y’all took care of it for us. You can’t imagine how wonderful it was to have one
less thing to worry about with everything else going on. Thank you again!”
Shawna, Texas
“Lauren and the entire crew at Timber Warriors are amazing and absolutely the best
to deal with!”
Brandon W., Virginia, arborist
“Timber Warriors is a great company to do business with. They do great work. I
would recommend them to anyone.”
Joseph W., Georgia, arborist

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