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Your home is a safe haven you and your family return to every day. Although having surrounding trees is a nice natural luxury, it can be easy to put your family in danger. In circumstances like windstorms, ice storms, or hurricanes, even a healthy tree can lose its footing and break. Other natural factors like old age could impose hazards on the tree’s innate strength like its branches or roots.

As responsible homeowners, knowing when to call an emergency tree service Orlando-based company could impact the ease of the insurance claim process. Timber Warriors, a tree-related service in Orlando FL, could handle your emergency tree needs anytime, anywhere. If you live in one of 49 States in America, aside from Alaska, we can respond to you within five hours or less.

We have various tree service crews all over the United States. Rest assured that our network of licensed and experienced arborists will work with you hand in hand to ensure a smooth-sailing process.


We, at Timber Warriors, boast decades of experience in the arboriculture field. We not only know the terminologies, but we also take pride in our hands-on experience for the thousands of jobs we’ve handled.

Whether you’re looking for emergency tree removal Orlando companies or companies who can work with your insurance company, as a tree care vendor, during your open tree claim, we are who you call.

There are several Orlando tree service companies around. However, always make sure to do your due diligence and check online reviews for the company you’re going for. Timber Warriors’ customers rely on us for help when it comes to their tree emergencies. That’s because we offer unique services that are unlike any other tree removal company.


Are you an insurance adjuster who has multiple tree claims, but no tree care vendor to respond to the job? If you need help in processing property claims, don’t hesitate to call us for assistance. Instead of searching, vetting, and teaching new, local tree care companies with every claim, call Timber Warriors. We take care of those challenging tasks for you, and it all starts when we dispatch one of our pre-vetted, local tree care crews to your insured’s address.

We have a one-point-of-contact process that encourages transparency in communication. Plus, because you only have to communicate with one assigned expert on every project, communication will be easier and faster.

Additionally, closing claims will be a walk in the park through our systematic method of updating and communicating. We give you 24/7 access to updates on your claim. You’ll be able to monitor all updates, statuses, estimated times of arrival and completion, and documents.


Are you a certified arborist who is licensed and insured? If yes, then you can become a Timber Warriors Member, at no fee to you, and receive available tree jobs in your service area.

Moreover, joining our network means no more bidding wars, rotation-based jobs, or penalties, you only have to respond quickly and the job is yours. Plus, with Timber Warriors you’ll no longer have to deal with insurance companies, nor the waiting, convincing, or understanding payment processes. We coordinate with the insurance agency for you, so you can concentrate on the tasks you enjoy.

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Have you been struggling to find a tree removal Orlando-based company? There is no need to look far and wide – Timber Warriors can come to your rescue by responding quickly to your tree claim and providing tree removal service 


Call us now and leave your tree claim worries to us! With Timber Warriors, you’ll have peace of mind because of quality service and streamlined communication between all involved parties.




As a Member, we'll notify you when emergency or storm jobs are in your area. We'll also coordinate with the insurance agency when it comes to the scope of work and payment, so you don't have to do any convincing, waiting, or worrying.


Insurance Adjusters


We'll help close your tree claims quickly and quietly. We choose one of our Members - who are licensed, certified, and masters of the trade - to start on the job ASAP. You'll receive real-time updates every step of the way, giving you peace of mind.




We'll be your first step towards getting your property repaired, by providing safe and quick tree removal, roof tarp, and board up services. We'll assure that the tree crew is properly equipped for the job and that services are done within your policy limits.

What Our Clients Think

“Every touch point with Timber Warriors was frictionless with outstanding personnel,
dedicated to professionalism and customer experience. I was especially impressed
by the crew’s speed and professionalism.”
Gordon, North Carolina

They were fast, efficient, and courteous.

Lawrence, Missouri

“Thank you all so very much. You all were so nice when it was most needed.”

Betty, Florida

“They were great and did a wonderful job within [policy] limits.”

Lucy, Florida
“Thank you so much! Hurricane Harvey left a giant tree on both ours and our
neighbors house. My insurance contacted you for us while we were still evacuated
and y’all took care of it for us. You can’t imagine how wonderful it was to have one
less thing to worry about with everything else going on. Thank you again!”
Shawna, Texas
“Lauren and the entire crew at Timber Warriors are amazing and absolutely the best
to deal with!”
Brandon W., Virginia, arborist
“Timber Warriors is a great company to do business with. They do great work. I
would recommend them to anyone.”
Joseph W., Georgia, arborist

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