Arborists/Timber Warriors Members

Q: What does Timber Warriors do?

A: We receive job leads from insurance companies, municipalities, and government agencies. We deliver comprehensive, emergency tree-related services in 49 states through our Member Network.

Q: How does Timber Warriors help the arboriculture industry?

A: We give tree care companies insurance, city, or government jobs - at NO CHARGE. We know what adjusters and city/government workers need, and how they expect to receive it. We do the digging, researching, and understanding so that tree care companies don't have to!

Q: How does Timber Warriors help everyone else?

A: Adjusters and city/government workers do not understand arboriculture. It's likely that they do not know what they are looking at, or who to look for. But we do! We save them time and money by explaining the processes and offering a solution - our top-notch Members.

Q: Why can't I just get these jobs on my own?

A: Well it isn't easy! There are many reasons, but one big one is that most companies do not have the resources to build and maintain the additional, necessary relationships, study and understand the individual sectors, or master the licensing, paperwork, policies and procedures required.

Q: How do I become a Member?

A: It's FREE to be a Member and receive Timber Warriors jobs! To become a Member, start by filling out the Timber Warriors Member Application. We will need your W-9, Worker's Compensation, and General Liability documents as well as the application before we can start your review. Once we review your application, we will give you a call so we can talk more.

Q: What if I don't have Workers' Compensation?

A: No problem, you can still be a Member. We will cover your Workers' Compensation only for Timber Warriors jobs. It is important to note that this will place you on a different pay scale.

Q: How much does Timber Warriors pay?

A: We pay per worker, per hour (for which crews typically consist of 3-5 workers). Factors that influence the pay scale are: equipment used, service area region or state, insurances/Workers' Compensation, and daily or CAT response. Please contact the Membership Department to learn more about our current pay scale.

Q: When will I receive payment? Do I have to wait for the Insurance Company to pay before I get paid?

A: We mail out checks every Friday, within 30-40 days after the completion of work, once Timber Warriors has received, verified, and approved all job documentation, and has verified that the Member is in good administrative standing.

Q: What about lodging during Storm Response?

A: We can offer assistance in locating lodging opportunities near a response area, however Timber Warriors will not be responsible for the costs of any lodging.