Questions Frequently Asked By Tree Care Companies

We give tree care companies insurance, city, or government jobs – at NO CHARGE. We know what adjusters and city/government workers need, and how they expect to receive it. We do the digging, researching, and understanding so that you don’t have to!
We give emergency tree removal jobs to arborists across the nation – at NO CHARGE.

Well it isn’t easy! There are many reasons, but one big one is that most companies do not have the resources to build and maintain the additional necessary relationships, study and understand the individual sectors, or master the licensing, paperwork, policies, and procedures required.

We pay per worker, per hour.

Factors that influence the pay scale are: equipment used, service area region or state, insurances/Workers’ Compensation, and daily or CAT response. Please contact the Membership Department to learn more about our current pay scale.

First, you’ll need to apply to Join Our Network. We will need your W-9, Worker’s Compensation, and General Liability documents along with the application before we can start your review.

Once we review all documents, we will give you a call so we can talk more.

Did we mention it’s FREE to be a Member and receive Timber Warriors jobs?

No problem, you can still be a Member. We will cover your Workers’ Compensation only for Timber Warriors jobs. But, it is important to note that this will place you in a different pay scale bracket.

No, you don’t have to wait! That’s one of the benefits of being a Member.

We mail out checks every Friday, within 30-40 days after the completion of work – once Timber Warriors has received and approved all job documentation, and has verified that the Member is in good administrative standing.

Have A Question Before You Get Started?

If our FAQs page didn’t help, we will contact you to go over any questions you may have.