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What if you could receive job leads in ways similar to how you receive texts, social media alerts, and weather notifications? That would be awesome, right? Well, fortunately for those who are part of the Timber Warriors Network, this concept is now a reality.

The Timber Warriors App will alert users of job opportunities in their area, then act as a personal notifier, organizer, and information-gatherer tool that will simplify the emergency tree removal and storm response processes. Within the App, users will be able to submit E.T.A proposals, view assigned jobs, upload photos, and more – anywhere, anytime.

Built With Members’ Time In Mind

The navigation is quick and clear, and the “Upload Photos” queue eliminates the troubles that Members had with sending photos via email. So here is how it works:

First, Members will receive a notification that there is a job within a 35-mile radius of their current location.

Step 1: Members will open the App and send Timber Warriors their estimated time of arrival – this lets Timber Warriors know which Members are interested in the job.

Step 2: Timber Warriors will review all applicants and select one Member for the job. Once a Member is assigned to the job, additional information will become available to that Member inside the App.

Step 3: Once the Member arrives at the site, they will check in by clicking the “Arrived” button located below the job details.

Step 4: After checking in, an “Upload Photos” queue will appear; the user will proceed to upload their 10 before photos.

Step 5: Next, the Member will answer a few questions about the tree, necessary equipment, tarping, and crew size.

Step 6: In the final step, the Member will indicate that they are either done for the day or done with the job.

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