Fulfilling California’s Need

California officials have invited Timber Warriors to examine the state’s tree mortality and pertinent concerns in wake of recent, untamed wildfires. Timber Warriors is interacting daily with both federal and state representatives to outline and discuss the specific methods for Timber Warriors’ involvement and mobilization.

Due to the state’s large size, diverse climate conditions and infrastructure, such response requires precision, expertise and preventative action – all of which Timber Warriors is prepared to deliver.

Preparing For The Demand

In preparation for a severe need for additional tree care professionals, Timber Warriors’ Membership Department is currently undergoing a rigorous recruiting and vetting process. Additionally, Timber Warriors has implemented a task force, consisting of both internal and external experts, who will handle all operations related to tree mortality and California’s current need.

Leading the Timber Warriors Tree Mortality Task Force is Art Pender, Director of Special Operations. Pender and company executives anticipate that Timber Warriors will have out-of-state crews working continuously, for the remainder of 2018, on the Timber Warriors Tree Mortality Task Force – specifically working to relieve California from their state of emergency, putting an end to the probable hazards that lie ahead. Currently, the focus for Timber Warriors’ California members is to continue working on insurance-related assignments.

Pender and the Timber Warriors Tree Mortality Task Force have outlined a multi-phase response to California. In the first phase, at least 30 crews will mobilize to California; additional crews will continue to dispatch in succeeding phases. According to Pender, he and the Task Force are anticipating unveiling the first phase in the month of April.

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